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The Academic Taekwondo® Program is a Fully Accredited Taekwondo Curriculum taught as a non-elective Graded Subject at Elementary and Middle School Levels (grades K-12) since 1990.

Use of SMART Board in Academic Taekwondo


Students in an Academic Taekwondo® class learn their technical and theoretical applications in customary dojang settings. The utilization of the  Learning Styles teaching method and the use of latest technology, such as the SMART board, Interactive Response System, and video equipment have proven to significantly elevate the  students' overall performance and in-depth knowledge of Taekwondo.  Additionally, the Academic Taekwondo® text book, in grades K-8, is used for home study for reviewing class material and preparing for tests and quizzes.



Academic Taekwondo® is a member of the USA-Taekwondo with its WTF style training.


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