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Advancement of American Taekwondo

A grassroots organization to assist 

Taekwondo Instructors and school owners.


Our Commitment to the Advancement of Taekwondo


The Advancement of American Taekwondo was founded by a group of Taekwondo school owners and operators who were not only concerned about the advancement of Taekwondo, but willing to work towards making a difference. Since conception in the fall of 1994, The Advancement of American Taekwondo has sponsored and participated in many local as well as regional events.  


Olympic Style Training

Referee Seminars 

Team Competition (Jr's & Adults)

Dan Certifications (WTF)

Business Seminars

Instructor Seminars

Junior  Tournaments

International  Competition

Competition Rules for Parents

The A.A.T. does not serve as a substitute to any other organization, federation, or affiliation.  However, by increasing awareness, serving the community, and serving as host to only friendly and fair competition the A.A.T.  will represent itself and all schools who share our common goal as a positive and vital part of any community.


 The A.A.T. served as host to nearly 500 participants at its annual invitational tournaments, both in 1994, 1995 & 1996. The first AAT International Championships, in January 1996 in the Palm Beaches, had participants from 12 countries, which included Lithuania, Japan, Iran and Finland. 





*        Inter-School  Training  

*        Black Belts Compete First (not last) at AAT Tournaments.  

*        Parents  trained  and Certified  by A.A.T.  as corner judges

*        Junior Training Camps 

*        Junior Mini Tournaments for 13 and under (to gain experience in competition circuits)  

*        a.a.t.  Junior and  Adult Teams  (tryouts held once a year).  

*        Assistance with  Dan  Certification     A.A.T  -  WTF upon request.  

*        All  A.A.T. Schools’ instructors are WTF Certified Black Belts.  

*     Member of U.S.T.U.



 At the 1996 Florida State Championships, in Miami, our A.A.T. members were responsible for bringing home 219 medals. (The figure includes only those medals that were reported to AAT. )

 The second annual A.A.T. Junior Training Camp was held in Palm Beach Gardens, in February 1996. The camp instructors included several national and international champions.

Members of the A.A.T. can be seen at many local and regional events such as the Palm Beach County's Tourism Development Project "Sun Fest" that attracts more than 300,000 spectators annually, and at the Palm Beach County Sports Commission’s numerous events including the annual Unified Youth Sports Festival for all school age youngsters.

During the 1996 Florida Sunshine State Games, in Tampa, the A.A.T. was proudly represented by nearly 250 participants.  This tournament is sanctioned by the Advancement of American Taekwondo.


Advancement of American Taekwondo

P, O, Box 15416

West Palm Beach, FL  33416


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