Grand Champion Female Color belt Division

American College of Taekwondo - March 2007

Congratulations for your Top-Notch performances!




I would like to begin this news bulletin by congratulating our students on their wonderful performances at American College of Taekwondo Friendship Tournament, held on March 17, 2003, in West Palm Beach. The Weiss School was represented by twenty-seven students.


The beginners and first time competitors were introduced to the tournament environment and procedures in friendly, non-threatening settings. Our advanced competitors gained much needed practice and ring time for the more demanding championships.


Our group, which included twelve first time competitors, took home 14 first place trophies, plus the Female Grand Champion Title for color belts.


Olivia Beale won the first place in the girls’ Red Belt, 11-13 year old division with a tie breaker round against her class mate Charlotte Clement. Both girls’ performances and technical level were superb. I was unable to predict the outcome of this match, even with my 20+ years experience in judging and refereeing. The girls will compete again against each other this summer at the National Junior Olympics in California.




All first place winners became eligible to compete for the Grand Champion Titles (one female and one male). I am proud to announce that Olivia Beale was awarded the 2007 Female Grand Champion title by receiving the highest scores of all participating female competitors.


The Boys’ Green/Blue Belt division had major mix-ups, which were noticed too late to fix correctly. It is unfortunate that some students, who clearly deserved a first place, were announced as second or third place recipients. I hope that this incident will not discourage our athletes from competing again, but instead, it would bring about a stronger determination to work hard to stand out, skill-wise, in their next tournament.


Special Thanks to instructors Pauleen Walsh and Tatsuaki Hayashi for helping with the coaching at this event.


Marika Powell