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2012 Academic Taekwondo National Team Members1 Team kick2 Academic Taekwondo Team members3 002- Welcome banners4 National Silver Red Belt Girls 12-13 division (39 competitors)5 National Bronze - Red Belt Girls 12-13 division (39 competitors)6 National Bronze Red Belt Girls 10-11 division (39 competitors)7 National Bronze in the Red Belt Boys 12-13 division (48 competitors)8 Registered and Ready to go.9 Warmin up in the staging area 6-29-201210 8-9 year old Blue Belt division (23) competitors line up to compete11 Getting ready for the arena.12 If they say if you kick like a girl - Take it as a compliment.13 39 Red Belt girls (ages 10-11) line up for competition14 Last minute coaching15 Day 3 - Our first medal16 2nd medal-Silver17 39 Red Belt girls, age 12-13 in the staging area18 Waiting for ring assignment19 Finally at the ring side.20 Bronze in the Male 12-13 Red Belt Division. (49 competitors)21 Michael P. takes Bronze22 Red 12-13 Division23 Red Belt Girls 12-13 - Silver24 National Silver25 12-13 Black Belt Division Emma (left)26 Team Members and Friends27 131-Kelly-Jen-MP28 139 Sixth Floor- JFK Museum29 Team with Parents30 Academic Taekwondo National Team31 Academicl Taekwondo Team - MP32
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