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Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to begin this newsletter with a heartfelt Thank You for your outstanding support of our Kick-A-Thon fundraiser on October 7th, 2000.

Seventy-three children plus thirty-three adults broke a total of 398 boards and 43 cement sheets at this exciting and fun-filled event. Your sizeable participation and generous contributions netted us $3,200.

Hats Off” 

to our Black Belt board holders: 

Dr. Link, Dr. Williard, Mr. McVay, Master Wood-Cohan, Mr. Kapnick, Mr. Greene, Miss Link,and to all other  brave helpers who endured the demanding Taekwondo “finger conditioning”. 




Parents are learning the power of a side kick.

I would also like to thank the Strasser, Garrison, Link, Greene, and Pingleton families for providing raffle prizes, iron-on names for uniforms, and breaking materials.

Our PTA and their family members, students and parents deserve great applauds for the wonderful cooperation and help throughout the event. 

Shannan Garrison (grade 2) won the first place trophy for her extraordinary contribution of $540.00.  






Pingleton Strasser

Hayashi Kapnick

Lynch  Provenzano

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Congratulations to Joseph Greene for winning two gold medals at the A.A.T 2000 Goodwill Tournament, held in Lantana, FL, on Saturday, October 21st , 2000.  Joseph competed in Black Belt forms and sparring.

Full Splits Club  

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Full Splits Club Members,

Krista Nunez

Spencer Pingleton

Nina Laufbahn


Student of the Month

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October 2000



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