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Black Belt Breaking


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The purpose of using breaking techniques is to measure one's progress in development of strength, accuracy, speed, balance, willpower, and concentration. In general, one should be able to break a board with any given Taekwondo technique appropriate for his/her  belt level.


Tatsuaki Hayashi performs scissors kick during his testing for 2nd Dan Black belt.


Slides (below) show some of the breaking techniques used in the Academic Taekwondo®  Program.


Master Powell Breaking cement sheets

Master Powell breaking cement sheets



Academic Taekwondo breaking materials include 1 1/2" cement sheets for Poom and 1st Geup level students, and 12"x6"x1", or 12"x12"x1"  inch pine boards for Geup level practitioners. The "Little Tigers" program for grades K and Pre-K4 utilizes 12"x6"1/2" pine boards.

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Black Belt Breaking



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