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Arrangement of today's Taegeuk Symbol.

The tri-grams (above) represent the eight elemental forces in nature. The eight tri-grams (called Kwae) are arranged to go along with the Taegeuk symbol in an orderly system.  

Poomsae for  Geup Holder (Below Black Belt Level)

Taegeuk 1 jang

8th Geup


Taegeuk 1 Symbol



(Beginning of creation of all things in the universe).

Taegeuk 2 jang

7th Geup


  Taegeuk 2 symbol



(Inner firmness and outer gentleness)

Taegeuk 3Jang

6th Geup


Taegeuk 3 Symbol



(Hot & Bright, sense of Justice and ardor for training)

Taegeuk 4 jang

5th Geup


Taegeuk4 Symbol



(Great power and dignity)

Taegeuk 5 jang

4th Geup


Taegeuk 5 Symbol



(Mighty force and calmness according to strength and weakness)

Taegeuk 6 jang

3rd Geup


Taegeuk 6 Symbol



(Incessant flow and softness)

Taegeuk 7 jang

2nd Geup


Taegeuk 7 Symbol



(Pondersity and firmness, wisdom and stability)

Taegeuk 8 jang

1st Geup


Taegeuk 8 Symbol

Earth "Kon"

(The root and settlement, and also, the beginning and end)


1st Dan and Poom

Koryo Symbol




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