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When a student has mastered specified Taekwondo belt level requirements, and has met the minimum training times, as set by the Kukkiwon, he/she will be given a recommendation for a belt promotion.  At the testing event, an application form for a promotion test is forwarded to a qualified* instructor

At the promotion test the student's technical skills, which include compulsory forms, sparring, breaking & other special techniques, attitude and general background knowledge will be evaluated and graded by a Promotion Board that consists of  Taekwondo Masters, Instructors and qualified Black Belts. A passing score is 60 points or higher.

The Kukkiwon regulations & articles, (next page), will explain a few of the procedures and requirements involved in obtaining an official certificate, either for a color belt, or a black belt.

Taekwondo Sparring  (Sparring)
Taekwondo Breaking  (Breaking)
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Kukkiwon Regulations


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A  typical Promotion Board at the

Academic Taekwondo Promotion Test Events.




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